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Meet Jessica

Advanced Equine LLC

Pulsing Power into Performance

Jessica McKinney on Conan

Jessica Moore with Rusty

Meet Jessica Moore

Certified PEMF Practitioner
Licensed and Insured

Jessica Moore has over 40 years of equestrian experience riding, training, and competing horses. She is a certified PEMF practitioner and equine sports massage therapist. She also has experience working as a vet tech for both small and large animal clinics. She currently lives on a farm with her family, horses, and a menagerie of other animals.



Why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Here are just a few of the positive benefits of PEMF therapy...

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About PEMF

PEMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic field. All living things are made up of electrical energy. Like a battery that needs to maintain a charge to function properly, so does the living cell. PEMF therapy sends an electrical charge deep into the body in order to restore proper cell voltage thus allowing the cell to perform at optimal levels.

"A healthy cell is a happy cell."

Michaela Moore on Tristan

Reduce and relieve pain and swelling.
Speed up healing after an injury.
Increase range
of motion.

Danielle Capps on R W Polaris



"Highly recommend Advanced Equine.
My horses enjoyed their pulse session and
Jessica is very patient and focuses on each
horse's problem areas as well as the whole body."


The PEMF session is timed to the comfort of the horse, which will vary with each individual. On average, sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and treat the whole body, with specific areas of concern given increased attention. It is quite common for a horse to be a bit stand-offish or nervous for the first session, with obvious signs of relaxation during repeated or continued sessions. It is recommended that you exercise your horse lightly immediately after the session is concluded – a short 15-minute hand walk will suffice. If the session occurs during warm weather, owners are strongly encouraged to administer electrolytes to encourage increased water intake thus both reducing the risk of heat-induced stress and facilitating the removal of toxins that PEMF often releases within the body. It is also advised that PEMF NOT be given while the horse is on any kind of medication or immediately after receiving any injections UNLESS approved by your veterinarian.
Your PEMF session will differ slightly from that of your horse or companion animal. The average session lasts about an hour, however, target areas are often the focus of the session versus the whole body protocol. Of course, you certainly have the option to pulse the whole body, just ask! Prior to your session, be sure to remove all jewelry, car keys, cell phones, and other electronic devices from your person. It is recommended to come to your session fully hydrated and to follow up afterwards by continuing to drink plenty of WATER. You may feel a bit lethargic after your initial session. This is normal – a result of the detoxifying effects of PEMF therapy. That is why hydration is so important as this will help pass the toxins out of your system. If you have any pre-existing health conditions, please ask your doctor BEFORE starting PEMF to make sure that this therapy is right for you. PEMF therapy is strictly PROHIBITED for anyone with a pacemaker, cochlear implant, or other electronic or battery-powered medical device. There is, however, no contraindication for those with titanium screws or plates (as used in stabilizing bone fractures). If in doubt, ask your doctor.
Companion Animals
As with our equine partners, the length of each session is timed to the comfort of the individual. However, on average, a typical session for a dog, cat, or other small animal is 30 minutes. A whole body approach is taken with emphasis on target areas. It is quite common for our pets to be a bit nervous and uncomfortable with the therapy at first, but given time they will relax and come to enjoy their time being pulsed. As with horses, it is recommended to encourage some movement immediately after the session has concluded and clean, fresh water should be available. Please talk to your veterinarian BEFORE your pet’s first PEMF session if they have a chronic illness or are on any medications.

For booking please contact Jessica Moore, Certified PEMF Practitioner at

804.754.5453 or email for more information.

You can download the current 2019 Price Sheet by clicking on the PDF icon.

Ask about Horse Show Discounts, Barn Discounts, and Horse and Human Package Pricing

as well as pricing for dogs, cats and other small animals.


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The Health of Your Horse, Companion Animals,
and Yourself Starts Here. If you have questions
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